Friday, June 6, 2008

where i am

if you have read the blog(s) below you will know where i am in this whole hair thing; i mean it's only been about two months since i stopped letting my hair do its own thing. not to say i looked a HAM, but i never retained TOO much length (unless you consider SL long). well look at me now. hopefully i can come back to this pic in august and laugh at myself for being amazed by this. i have a pretty simple regimen (see below and my fotki for all that) so i guess this qualifies me as a KISS (keep it simple sista). i don't ask for much - just a beautiful mane of hair! all the "what ifs" constantly float around in my head...what if i hadn't begged for that perm, what if i hadn't cut/colored so many times, what if i had not been neglectful so many times! trying not to focus on those's all inconsequential. what i CAN focus on is where i'm going now, or at least where i am trying to go:

APL by 8/25/08
BSL by graduation, 5/16/09

is that too much to ask?

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Traycee said...

Yes girl Your a keep it simple sista and don't forget you have a badge to show

Often wonder the same..but look towards the future knowledge changes everything

I didn't know you had a blog page ..I love it !!!