Saturday, June 28, 2008

love it or hate it: suave tropical coconut conditioner

now that i cowash a lot (and the buy nothing challenge is over) i can start experimenting with different conditioners. i am always on the hunt for products that will give me everything my hair needs, and now that i have a solid regimen this is getting easier. i have a staple cowash conditioner, VO5 strawberries and creme, but i keep hearing that suave tropical coconut, organix vanilla silk, and herbal essences hello hydration are awesome and get the job done well. on my trip to family dollar (it's in walking distance from my house - worst move EVER) i picked up a bottle of VO5 S&C, since it's only 80 cents, and i saw the suave tropical coconut sitting right next to it. awesome. it was 20 cents more, but that only made it a dollar...not bad by my standards. the bottle is kinda sleek as well...not that it matters if the product inside it sucks, but that means i can fit more in my shower.

the actual test came yesterday, and upon squeezing it in my hand i was pleased to notice that it is of a thicker consistency than VO5. it took less of it to coat my hair, which means that maybe i can go through the bottle slower. the scent is not as noticeable as with the VO5, but this could be a good thing, being that it won't interfere with whatever else is in my hair (or on my body). my hair dried really nicely and i had another good hair day yesterday.
verdict? love it. the family size (i dont know why they call it that, it's only 7 oz larger) is only about 50 cents more at wal-mart and that is an expense i can afford once or twice a month. now i have two conditioners i can rotate. unless i start liking this one more...hmm...

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Beautiful said...

That is my stuff. Love the smell of coconut. When my hair was in the natural state, I swear that it grew with this stuff. I still wash my hair with this along with the other stuff in my regimen. I am relaxed now for about 3 years, I do regret that I went back to the relaxer but I am going to have some healthy hair whatever state it is in. Love your blog!!