Sunday, November 30, 2008

i hate the holidays.

not really, but they do mess up my regimen something awful between all the traveling and relocating and figuring out what is "essential" to take home and all. i washed my hair at home with some motions shampoo and it's not a tangled mess so i guess all's well that ends well.

anyhoo, i just finished a 30 min DC under the dryer with kenra mc/EVOO/jojoba/salt. after this i suppose i will megassage and twist it up in some chunky twists, my current favorite hairstyle.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

sticking with it!

i told myself i was gonna DC this weekend and i'm actually doing it. shocker. what's more is i am actually doing the kenra mc + clear glaze DC (i added some jojoba oil just to kick it up)...this has to be a milestone for me, saying i am gonna do something and following through with it.

here's the rest of my regimen for the evening:
1) sit under dryer for 45 min - i'm doing this right now.
2) ACV rinse in the shower
3) megassage, then moisturize with coconut oil
4) braid it up in 6 big braids

whether i sit back under the dryer or not is TBD but i probably won't. i hope this turns out ok.

fotki updates!

yes, i's been a while. something like 2-3 months...but a watched pot never boils, and i am boiling now.

click here to see them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

back on the wagon

oh my goodness, it's 11/13. it's been a month since my bday...and five since the BC.

i'm in serious "get to APL by december" mode again, mostly for selfish reasons - like seeing the look on my ex and my cousin's faces - but nevertheless i want it, dammit. I megassaged again sunday, then tuesday night i DC'd (with heat, 30 min), cowashed (trader joes + STC), and ponytailed it up...but the interesting thing was my DC mixture. i love throwing in random crap, so i added NTM mask, coconut oil....and STRAIGHT MT! i have heard about some people on LHCF using this stuff to DC (apparently it does wonders to stop breakage) so i gave it a whirl. my hair felt kind of tangly when i was rinsing so i got scared, but there seems to be no harm done. i will only be doing that at max twice a month though, don't wanna overdo it. the funny thing is it's 24 hours later and the middle of my ponytail is still damp, which means it's still moisturized, something i seem to have trouble with when i wear my everyday puff. this ponytail thing might be something to look into.

for those who are wondering...yes i tried a bun. no i didn't wear it out in public because it made me look like an alien.

i'll try megassaging again thursday night and i'll throw in the classic kenra mc + clear glaze DC this weekend. no better recovery than to get up and start running again.