Monday, June 23, 2008

making a moisturizer...

i just spent the last hour procrasinating...i'm supposed to be scraping paint off the doorways of my house so i can repaint them, but stuffblackpeoplehate is the funniest blog ever. LOL!

nine hours later...
ok, i stopped procrastinating and scraped the darn paint. now i can get back to what has really been on my mind the past few days: i want to make my own moisturizer. sure, i have moisturizers that work well, namely leaving in my VO5, but even with this i feel like my second day hair is really crappy and dry for some reason. now that i don't have to worry so much about something that will work on my transitioning hair, this is what i'm thinking:

glycerin + aloe vera gel + distilled water + VO5
i've heard a lot about these things being the ultimate moisturizers, namely glycerin and AV gel, since glycerin is a natural humectant anyway and draws moisture into your hair. unfortunately i can't buy the first two till july, but perhaps in the meantime i will empty the spray bottle that has "detangler" in it (i don't know WTF it is really) and just combine the VO5 and water. hopefully i can find something that works on my mom's hair too since she hates the bb oil moisturizer.

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