Friday, January 29, 2010

back to it + a new challenge

so now that it's been a while, it would be nice if i posted pics of my hair as of late, huh?

i found some pictures of pin curls that i tried on my last Dominican blowout...I must say that they came out extremely nice (and i don't have to sleep on rollers anymore...yay!) i also posted pictures of my box braids on fotki...and even got around to washing them the other day! here is my wash day regimen in braids/twists...since i've never been able to keep them in long enough to HAVE a wash day:
  • apply DC (ion effective care treatment diluted in a spray bottle) to length of braids; cover with shower cap and go about my business for 2-3 hours. next time i will do 45 minutes under my lovely rollabout dryer.
  • squirt a bit of ORS olive oil shampoo into bottom of an empty cantu shea butter leave-in container and fill the rest with water; pour over braids
  • massage scalp and rinse
  • squeeze out excess water and wrap braids in a t-shirt
  • apply african royale braid spray to length of braids and aloe vera gel to edges
  • tie braids down with a scarf to tame the fuzzies while they airdry (again, next time i will use my rollabout dryer)
and without further a-do (haha), here is my 'do:
so my newest challenge is a personal hide-your-hair challenge...hopefully this will do a few things: one, keep me from using heat...and two, keep me away from those scissors! i have nothing against trimming, but i did it wayyyy too much last year between the two trims i gave myself at the beginning of the year (i coulda been APL before the spring) and the two i got at the end of the year (i coulda been BSL by winter). i figure if my ends are tucked away, i can't see them, which means i won't want to cut them! i've got these box braids on lock, and i also have a grip on senegalese twists, kinky twists, and i'm working on a few other styles. hopefully the months fly by, and i will be celebrating my 2nd year of being natural with BSL hair! wish me luck!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

happy new year!

hey guys, it's been a while...but that means i have lots of updates! on december 5th i was in a serious car accident, and i was hospitalized for most of december...needless to say, my hair was the least of my worries. my hair became matted while i was in the hospital, and i didn't even realize it between being drugged up and not looking in a mirror for about 2 weeks...i went in with a 2 week old dominican blowout and ended up with a shrunken, matted fro. i was able to convince my parents (who pretty much took up residence in my room) to detangle and two-strand twist my hair, but even with that i am pretty sure i lost some length. at least i have my health...i am now at home recovering (and so is my hair, in box braids installed by my cousin). i did find some pictures of my hair from the end of november when i experimented with pin curls on my camera. they came out pretty decent, if you ask me!

sorry guys, but i will have to post pics later...i just got really sleepy all of a sudden. consider this a teaser post!