Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer 2008 regimen.

yeah, so i was inspired by SouthernTease and i am jacking her idea to update my regimen with what i will and will not do this summer. i am a firm believer in KISS (i got the badge to prove it, lol) and although i am a serious PJ (less of one thanks to the buy nothing challenge) my regimen this month has been very simple, and i don't use half the stuff in my BSS on a rack anymore. my hair is thanking me, and this makes me want to stick with it.

the routine:
  • cowash every day or every 2 days with VO5 (strawberries & creme, vanilla mint tea, kiwi lime squeeze) or suave tropical coconut
  • DCW (deep cowash - DC and rinse out with water only) twice a week with lustrasilk or kenra mc; add honey, EVOO, and shea butter for extra oomph
  • leave in cheapie conditioner, only squeezing out the excess water
  • OPTIONAL: seal with EVOO or africa's best herbal oil
  • if putting in a ponytail, brush back with denman and use nylon bands
  • use shower comb and denman to detangle once a week
  • shampoo once a week with CON; once every 2 weeks with suave daily clarifying shampoo
  • for second day hair, moisturize with miss jessie's baby buttercreme or conditioner/water spritz, then seal
  • take onesource hair/skin/nails formula every day
  • sleep on satin pillowcase; with satin scarf and/or bonnet if needed
  • eat more whole grains, fruits and veggies...and keep drinking 64oz of water every day

the no-no's:

  • low to no direct heat till length check on flat ironed hair scheduled for july 31st
  • no more trimming till i'm at least SL!
  • no combing or brushing dry hair!

it looks more complicated now that i have written it down but basically i am cowashing and airdrying the entire summer. no scalp massages, oil rinses, growth aids, ayurvedic hair care, or whatever some people swear by. someone said that children have such long hair because it gets washed and braided, and i agree. my sister's breakage has disappeared ever since she requested to go natural and keep it braided up. in addition, some of my hair idols do this, namely curlybear (GoingNatural on LHCF). she has the exact head of hair i crave. the good thing about a stable regimen is that it can take you through any hairstyle - puffs, WNGs, twists, and the kinky twists that i *still* plan on getting. already i am in love with my hair.

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