Sunday, May 31, 2009

the lowdown

graduation has come and gone, and my goal of being BSL for graduation was far from being met. thank goodness i came to my senses a few months ago and edited it to be APL, because that i was. i think my hair looked great on graduation day, and that is all i ever wanted. while straightening my hair that morning, my sister walks in the bathroom and goes "whoa -- you have some long hair!" it was rainy and nasty outside, so i had to end up putting it up, but my pictures came out great. speaking of pictures, i wore my hair curly for my cap and gown pictures, and they're pretty spectacular too. i will scan them and put them up sometime in the next weke (hopefully).

that day had me feeling pretty bad about my ends though, so instead of waiting till june 13th to get a trim, i made it may 18th. i went to hair cuttery, and even after stressing i wanted a DUSTING, the dumb girl gave me a blunt cut. the good news is my ends look better; the bad news is i am no longer APL. still looking through rose tinted glasses, when i am APL again (july-ish?) it will be blunt, FULL APL, which is exciting to know.

after a few months out of the senegalese twists, i want them back! i said i would reinstall them post-graduation, and now that the time is upon me i am thinking the weekend of the 13th will be perfect to put them back in -- after i take my 1 year nappy-versary pics, of course. i really can't believe it's been a year since that night i got so frustrated with my hair that i just chopped it all off -- but what a year it has been. i get all teary eyed thinking about it. (not really, but it is astonishing.) less than 2 weeks remain! in the meantime, i am DCing with gvp cb, kenra mc, grapeseed oil and aphogee 2 min. i've been slacking on my 4x weekly WNGs, so i will be extra diligent in the next two weeks so that i don't lose any progress unnecessarily.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bikram yoga

i started bikram yoga yesterday in an attempt not only to feel better about myself, but also as a last-ditch attempt to get in some kind of shape before beach week. it's supposed to be good for the body, immune system, skin, everything. it was the hardest thing i have ever done, but i felt SO GOOD after it was all over. the words "cold lavender-scented towel" mean anything to you?

before i went, i put GVP conditioning balm in my hair and covered it with a shower cap and scarf. i ripped it off an hour into the session, but i guess it was good while it lasted.

10 months post BC: length check (my sister)

after all the negativity this child has had to endure over the past few years, she is (we are) finally at a place where all the naysayers can be proved wrong. through braids and twists, she has gone from NL to APL in 10 months. this, from the child whose "hair will always be too nappy to grow". the one who was called crazy when she refused to get another relaxer. the one who told people two, three times her age that she didn't want that stupid flat iron or hot comb in her hair. yeah, her.

14 years old with APL hair. watch out, world.

weave check #2...

...and this time i wasn't wearing a weave! hahaaaaa

on saturday, i went to a que party with one of my best friends. we are both natural, but she is more 3c than anything else, while i am clearly 3c/4a. i had a WNG that had been blown dry by the wind coming through my car window, so it was nice but still all over the place in a funky kind of way. we got to the front of the line, and one of the ques came up to me.

que: when you get inside...can i play with your hair?
me: you wanna what?! why?
que: cause it's so...playful. -touches hair-

at this point i kind of flinched because he was touching me, but when he went straight for my scalp i realized what was going on. when he started smiling and twirling my curls, i knew i was being weave checked. well, glad i could make his night, i guess. the last time this happened was the summer of 2007, and i was definitely wearing a full sew-in. that guy's in the NBA now, so i figure i blew my chance of being a trophy wife that night.

i crack myself up.