Wednesday, June 18, 2008

searching for the perfect WNG!

all this time (well, if you can consider 5 days a lot) i have been looking for different things in my WNG: first it was just a regular one, then i looked for something to give me curl definition and combat the frizzball at my crown, and now it's bouncy curls. i mean that right-out-the-shower bounce that i can never seem to capture when my hair is dry. i had a lot of fun shaking my DC-soaked head in the mirror (lustrasilk + EVOO, if you were wondering) and watching my curls bounce. then i realized: what was the reason why i can't get this on dry hair? could it be the same reason my hair bounces when i get a blowout but i can't duplicate it at home? if so, i believe my answer is simple: product level. today i ix-nayed the VO5 leave in (i only have a bit left so i'm using other things till the end of the month when i can buy more) in favor of HE LTR leave-in on towel-dried hair via the turbie twist. after becoming used to soaking wet hair my hair felt really dry after removing it but still moved and all. (maybe i will leave it on fo 5 min max next time.) movement was still there. i then sealed with raw shea butter and i think the problem lies here: maybe i used too much? possible; i'm heavy handed. maybe shea butter itself is just heavy? uh, that could be it. the baby buttercreme may still be the way to go on this one. i put the noodle head on after that and here is where the movement REALLY ceased. my helmet is soft but it doesn't move...hmm. gives me something to work on i suppose.

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