Thursday, June 26, 2008

in (heart) with my hair!

i mentioned that i am on this VO5-as-a-leave-in kick. last time i tried it i used the vanilla mint tea and had the softest ponytail in the world. well today i tried it again with my lovely S&C, taking the denman and the nylon ponytail holder into the shower with me to do a ponytail - then like every random decision in my life i switched it up and did a WNG. i have no words to describe this - i have been searching for a product (or two...) that gives me softness, curl definition, body, and an end to this godforsaken shrinkage, and i got all of that and more. i was kind of scared to not use anything else on my hair: oil, baby buttercreme, gel, noodle head, but less is definitely more. it is so great to actually have hair that doesn't look like a TWA; what's the point of wearing loose curls if everyone thinks it's a bush? on top of that, i can shake my head and something MOVES! this is amazing! it's actually really funny, i kinda let it dry however it wanted without any molding or anything, and i have this one 3c curl on the left side that just sticks out and does its own thing. people probably thought i was crazy for letting it do that, but it was so cute. i make it sound like an unruly child, LOL! i'm in a state of bliss right now. and for you pic junkies, i will post some - i mean i HAVE to. this is amazing!

i will probably do it again tomorrow (unless i go out early; i want it 80% dry before i go out cause i hate seeing people in public with wet hair) but if not i will moisturize with my GD/water spritz and seal with EVOO. because i am eternally experimenting, perhaps i will use the EVOO even if i cowash; i will just wait until it is about 50% dry. i just can't believe it: who knew the secret to a perfect WNG was an 80 cent bottle of conditioner?

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