Wednesday, June 18, 2008


tonight was hair night for the women in my house...oh my bad, that means i did the hair of the women in my house, myself excluded. (i got the whooooole day tomorrow to mess with my hair.)

MOM: transitioning 4a, fine strands. prepoo with pantene r&n conditioner for color-treated hair, just to use it up (2 hrs no heat)/conditioner rinse with VO5 vanilla mint tea (no way she's getting my last drop of S&C!)/spray on diluted GD/section off and apply noodle head/make twists for twistout. i put sponge rollers minus the sponge on the like straws, but it's all one piece, no bobby pins necessary. (i have to find the person on LHCF that i got this from! i love it!) her hair wasn't as soft as i would have liked but then again she prepooed without heat and i didn't do a DC. it was 11pm and she wanted to go to bed so maybe i can convince her to let me DC her hair on fridayish when the twistout gets old. i noticed her natural hair is longer than i thought...her hair does not grow as fast as mine and she has done a few random mini-chops so i thought if she BC'd her hair would be really short. this isn't the case, and she is getting closer and closer the more she thinks about the greatness that is the wash-and-go.

SISTER: transitioning 4b, coarse strands. i did a mini-chop tonight since she is 80-90% natural except for at the crown. prepoo with pantene r&n conditioner as well (3 hrs no heat)/shampoo with CON blue label/DC with magic mix* (30 min with heat)/add miss jessie's baby buttercreme/twist for twistout. i really want to do a rod set on her with these teeny tiny rods but i am still testing her patience. the dryer is what would kill her.

*EDIT: she's not transitioning anymore, i decided to go ahead with the perm rods so i cut off the relaxed parts in the process. yay for the BC! it took 6.5 packs of the small blue rods...and a few hours. i think i made the parts too big, since i really think i can get her hair straighter than i got it.

*magic mix: i dont know WHAT i was thinking but this is the best concoction ever! all measurements are approximate.
1 tbsp honey - 1 tbsp EVOO - 1 tbsp raw shea butter - 2 big squirts kenra mc. microwave it all for 20 seconds; apply liberally with applicator brush. you may need more if your sister's hair sucks up product like a camel goes to water. rinse and touch over and over and over again till she yells at you for putting your hands in her hair. smile.

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