Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mission: impossible

NOTE: this is before the intensive reconstruction coconut oil did on my hair...but i didn't take pics after all that. deal with it!

i finally got my friggin' camera to work...something was messing up the upload ability but i deleted some stuff and got it to work. anyhoo, here is my goal check-in pic. as you can see i didn't make it, but what KILLS me is i could have made it if i had kept up the megassaging...i hate being lazy sometimes. oh well, there's always the default - good ol' fashioned WAITING. my new goal is december 13, which coincidentally will be 6 months from my BC. i really like the difference the miss jessie's stuff is having on the overall moisture level of my hair, so i will stick with those and see how it goes.

speaking of the fact that i'm back to being a curly girl after flat ironing and bunning for a week...ok i wasnt really speaking of that, but whatever...this girl in my class told me today that my hair makes her happy! yay! the first thing she said when she came in the room today was "yay, it's curly again!...your hair makes me so happy. it's SO cute." i was taken aback...it's a freakin' pony puff for cryin out loud...but it made my day as well. yay for curls! lol

Monday, October 27, 2008

finger coils

i did this for the jay-z concert i went to on saturday. i got lazy and decided to only do the front/sides and top, but you get the idea. i washed with organix coconut milk shampoo, cowashed with Vo5 champagne kisses, rinsed it all out, and coiled with miss jessie's curly pudding.
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i can't believe i did that...

i am CLEARLY in need of a detox since i can't seem to keep with the wednesday fasts...it's manifesting on my face and in my bowels. (you didn't wanna hear that.) so i oil pulled tonight...i actually lost track of time and made it to 25 minutes...miraculous since i just KNEW i was gonna gag. we'll see where this goes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


yeah, that's not a word. but i take back everything i was lamenting about a few days ago - i'm not gonna claim APL, but i will claim soft and silky hair. coconut oil will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, i tell you. i'm sealing with this stuff at night before putting on my silk scarf, and again in the morning before bunning it up (who knew you could get so many hair complements just from doing the southerntease bun) and i keep touching my hair! it's amazing! GO GET YOU SOME!

Monday, October 20, 2008

mission: impossible...?

being that my goal check-in was SUPPOSED to be a week ago, i feel kind of bad about the fact that i didn't straighten my hair till yesterday, and i only did it because i was bored. i tried to judge the outcome before i finished straightening, but the only thing i could say is i upgraded from the tan rollers to the pink rollers. i think i can use the purple rollers on some of my hair, but i didn't try. i've had to look at the picture a few times to see if i made APL, and i'm not sure i want to claim it. when i don't stretch my straightened hair, it's SL, but when i do it's riiiiight at APL. (i'll post it once my camera stops trippin'.) i did notice that what someone on LHCF said is really true: even if i am APL, my hair does not feel long at ALL! that paranoia about my hair breaking off was setting in too...thank goodness i have some cute hair clips and coconut oil!

my hair isn't silky like it was last time, although it is incredibly soft - it could be the temp of the flat iron that controls that. i also can't shake this dryness thing. it could be because i stopped DCing 2x a week so i will go back to that then straighten again in a few weeks. i DID tell myself i was gonna start doing that once the fall came, and it's definitely supposed to be a little on the cold side tomorrow. in any event, i'll enjoy my hair till i get sick of it.

straight hair regimen:
  • conditioner wash with organix vanilla silk; detangle with shower comb and denman (my hair has been really tangly lately - maybe another sign that i need to DC more?)
  • DC with NTM mask for 30 minutes with heat
  • apply sabino mb and ponytail rollerset; sit under hood dryer for an hour or so
  • flat iron with solia on 370 using comb chase method
  • run coconut oil through hair, focusing on ends, every night till i wash again
this time it only took me about 30 mins to roll my hair, which is a big improvement over the hour it took last time! next time i will use my nexxus emergencee and do the keratin treatment like southerntease suggested, because i feel like my hair is breaking for some reason. i have some wispies on the left side, although the right side reaches all the way back into my hair clip. i definitely need to step my hair game back up, because i have been having some issues that i need to correct, such as the dryness and the difficulty detangling. now that i am at my first goal i can focus on health before length!