Saturday, June 14, 2008

cut it out!

well, no better day than friday the 13th to do the BC, right?

i got sick of the breakage and i'm soooo indecisive that i just cut it off. it's my mom's fault; i cut off a small piece in the back just to see how it would look and she was all "ok, now let's do the rest." i had to get it overwith before i chickened out. the majority of the pics are in my fotki but here is a new comp shot:

now that i have a new haircut i have new hair goals. whether i make them or not is yet to be seen, although i noticed i am still collarbone length in some places, SL in a majority. stretched, of course.
APL by my 21st bday (10/13)...BSL by graduation (5/2009)

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