Sunday, June 15, 2008

and not a drop to drink.

i'm sure we've all heard a great deal about how water is good for this, and water is good for that. it's pretty common knowledge that you should drink a lot of water, especially if you are in poor health or it's just really freakin' hot outside, and that it doesn't hurt in the battle for long hair and great skin. however, did you know that water can actually cause hair loss if it contains certain contaminants? i read a really great article tonight that makes me want to wash my hair in nothing but bottled water (well, either that or get a shower filter). according to this article, selenium (from petroleum runoffs), mercury (found in seafood), and lead (from old pipes) could all be possible culprits. of course, there is an ad for a purification system underneath, but i'm sure any shower filter could do. one that i have heard great things about is the sprite shower filter, and i have even heard hair enthusiasts rave that they could feel the difference when washing their hair with this water. for 40 bucks, i could be swayed.

in the meantime, i'm broke, so i must look at cheaper alternatives until my family completes our move to georgia. while a clarifying shampoo can remove product buildup, a chelating shampoo can remove mineral deposits from your hard water. ever the product junkie, i have looked into a few (although i can't buy them...thanks 'buy nothing' challenge!), and the two that i really want to try are ORS creamy aloe shampoo and its more expensive alternate, kenra clarifying shampoo. i am a fan of the kenra line (their moisturizing conditioner is my #1 boo) so this may be the one for me. of course...bottled water is only 50 cents a gallon...

clearly i have some things to think about. in the meantime, i am off to prepoo. is it wrong to look forward to wash night? LOL!

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