Thursday, June 12, 2008

breakin' loose

i keep coming back to this breakage issue because it is really plaguing me. i don't want to cut my transition short at 12 months because i really want to see if i can get to APL by the end of this year, but finding the hairs (some short, but it's the longer ones that bug me) on my shirt and in my denman make me want to grab the scissors! -sigh- i have heard quite a few long term transitioners lament about this issue and most have done one of two things: get it out of sight or chop it off. my motivation to not cut is july 1st, when LHCF's "buy nothing in june" challenge is up and i can go buy the kinky twist hair i am dreaming about. but even with that, the mind of a libra is so indecisive: why not get a curly weave, like i have seen on her, or some simple two strand twists like these? (yes...i am an avid fotki stalker!) so many styles, and the thing is for the last option all i need is time, but i'm such a procrastinator that by the time i decide on something either it will be july or i will be bald! i need options...and money...and maybe a coin to toss. hopefully i can look back on this next week and say "hey, i did something about it!", but until then a bun it is.

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