Friday, January 30, 2009

so far, so good...

like i said i would, i have been getting those 20 minutes on the treadmill in -- yesterday i threw some lunges in after the run, and today i actually made it through the whole 20 without stopping! even my roomie complimented me on my stick-to-it-ness! not only that, but i got in my 3 fruits and veggies and met my water goal...oh, i've been megassaging too! mannnn this is just turning out to be a great week me-wise.

sunday starts a new week...i am pushing myself to finish out the week on a high note, then i will up the treadmill time and add some stairclimbing/lunges in there as well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

full of it

i KNOW that every time i jump on a fitness wagon i fall off, and it's been causing me some distress lately. i'm doing pretty well with the workouts so far...i made it all 20 mins today on the treadmill, and i felt really good about it when all was said and done...but i think i need to up it to EVERY day instead of every other day. i have to be able to find 20 minutes somewhere in there to go hop on the treadmill. only a month till SB09!

goals for this week:
  • get those 20 mins in wed, thurs and fri...sat/sun are a tossup, got plans
  • back up to 64 oz of water a skin is yelling at me for dropping this one
  • 3 fruits/veggies a day
  • eat breakfast!
i will look into adding the weight training next week or the week after that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

something old, something new

the old? clarifying and DCing. the new? baking soda!

i've been slightly intrigued by the idea of using that big ol' tub of bentonite clay for my hair, as evidenced in kinkerbelle's fotki, but before i got into all that i wanted to try out the baking soda texturizer that littlegoldlamb profiles in her fotki. long story short...i still have the same texture =)

1) washed with organix vanilla silk the smell, but still convinced that there is sometihng better out there that doesn't tangle my hair. either i'm using too much or my curls are trying to tell me something!

2) airdried to 80%, as suggested by LGL, then applied the mix. i added approximately 2 tbsp of conditioner to a small container of trader joe's nourish spa conditioner -- probably the amount i would use to DC with. i left it on for an hour under a plastic cap.

3) rinsed and applied DC mix: gvp conditioning balm/kenra mc/herbal oil blend. went to exercise like i said i would, then left it on for maybe an hour past that as well.

4) detangled, rinsed out DC, plopped with t-shirt, applied gvp's paul mitchell the conditioner, and twisted it up into 1-12 big fat ones.

granted, my hair is really soft, but it doesn't feel any different from when i normally clarify and DC. i can see myself doing it again -- maybe, it's kinda time consuming -- but it's not a lifesaver.

pics coming when i unload my camera.

the addictive nature of FAKE HAIR

i bought two more wigs, and decided to get rid of the short one -- it should be on the exchange forum shortly. here are my two new boos (in the curly one, i decided to smile, since the general consensus is that i look EVIL, lol)

1) femi "irina" synthetic LF - i like it, it's just a tad long for me...haven't decided whether i want to cut it or not yet.

2) freetress "fresno girl" half wig

still looking into the tammy, and since the SLF works so well for me, this one as well...femi "kelly":
my hair is LOVING me right now. it gets to stay twisted up for days on end, and i can even start megassaging again (although, as we know, saying it is easier than DOING it). i mean, i even DC'd under the half wig the other day...just covered my cap with a satin scarf, put on the wig, and pulled the scarf up over the edges so it looked like i had a headband on. PERFECT. the other day i realized the best way to do it is to make an ear-to-ear part in the front, then flat twist that in case i need easy access to the front of my hair for the half wig, and then flat twist the back. so far, so good.

6 week slimdown - the TORTURE begins!

i always make these attempts to get back in shape, and about 2 weeks in something goes wrong and i stop dead in my tracks. i keep telling myself that it makes no sense to have a free gym membership if i'm not using it, and given that it expires when i graduate in may i need to get it done! i mean, there's a treadmill in the exercise room in my apt complex, and i can SEE IT from my bedroom window, for pete's sake! so here's to motivation...i have no set exercise plan yet, but something is better than nothing. i'm sitting here with a baking soda texturizer in my hair, and since i have to DC for an hour after this anyway, i might as well spend it working out. crossing my fingers...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sassy and classy: daddy's girls

i must admit, i really like the show daddy's girls -- not so much for the dialogue (ok, angela is really funny sometimes), but their style, both clothes and hair, is OUTRAGEOUS. i'm particularly diggin' alycia, whose hair is amaaaazing. i wish i knew if these were wigs or weaves! no wait, i just want to find half wigs like these!

(re)discovering the wig

since my grandma wore a wig every day of her life (that i can remember), i always thought of them as something you wear when you're bald or nearly bald. i also thought they were extremely ugly, but my mind is being changed more and more every day. it started about 3 weeks ago when i went in the bss to get some kinky twist hair for my sister and i saw this really cute red and black bob. there is NO WAY i'm cutting my hair, but i thought shorter hair might be a welcome change, so the other day i went back in and tried it on. that one didn't work out for me, but i bought two others, one that i'm realllly in love with. well needless to say, i'm a wig junkie now. i've spent a lot of the past two days on and looking at new full and half wigs, and on LHCF and BHM looking at other styles on people and wig regimens. i think this could really work for me...i mean, it sure is cheaper and less damaging than sew-ins. here is my fave, it's the "baru" by bobbi boss.

i soaked it in ACV trying to get rid of the shine, kinda like i do with braid hair, but it didn't really work. i have also read that sprinkling powder on it works, so i guess i'll try that tomorrow. if nothing else, it will fade over time. i bought some hats to go with it too, and my head was EXTRA toasty today:my next step is to look into some half wigs, since they seem more realistic and i can use all my favorite headbands with them. check out this one that i saw on gmbs, "tammy" by outre:

i like the big hair, teyana taylor look, and plus these are easier to blend than the straight hair ones. i'm so excited!