Saturday, June 7, 2008

suppressing the PJ inside

i've been sitting with this lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol DC in my hair since 6:30. it is now 11. the first three hours were by choice (sort of, i got caught up watching Law and Order: SVU) but this is a bit ridiculous; the bathroom is being hogged! (on a positive note, my curl definition is off the chain right now. i should let DC dry in my hair more often!) normally i would just rinse out in the kitchen sink but that's not an option right now. so what do i do? blog, of course, to pass the time.

even though i am on LHCF's "Buy Nothing In June" challenge, i still find it hard to pass a BSS without entering. case in point, today mom and i drove up to my apartment to move some stuff (pretty much for nothing, but that's a different story for a different blog) and on the way back i convinced her to go look at some kinky twist hair with me (well, for me, but she didn't need to know all that). she even reminded me i wasn't supposed to buy anything for my hair this month, so since the jig was up i told her she could be a sweetheart and get it for me. well, she's not so sweet cause she didn't get it, but at least i know the janet marley braid hair is $5.99 over there. it's ok, i have 3 weeks and 10 more BSS's to try before the challenge is up. i can look if i don't touch, right?

another thing i have really been feenin' for is more hair accessories. i break more and more hair clips every week and lose so many bobby pins it's a crying shame. i started a "natural buns" thread on LHCF and there are so many cute hair accessories in there! one i'm really diggin' is the flexi8 clip. some of them are really cute, but other ones are kind of "my hair is recklessly long" looking. you know what i'm talking about. oh, and don't get me started on the mane clip. just take a look at SouthernTease's SJP-inspired bun that she made with that thing and a human hair weft. can you say fabulous?! i'm so excited for my transition to be over so i can do all sorts of funky stuff with my hair...cause bunning and flat ironing are ok and all but i am so anxious to bite some of these styles. one day i will have to publish my hair inspirations folder so everyone can see exactly who i'm diggin.

-sigh- now the bathroom is clear and i can rinse this conditioner out. here's to healthy hair.

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