Monday, June 29, 2009

post #101

i think i'll begin with a disclaimer, cause i know someone is gonna run up on me (or presume this is what they are doing) and say "it's really not all that". i never claimed it to be; if you read my blog you know this is about my PERSONAL achievements, and not me trying to stunt.

my hair has been straight for the past 2 weeks, and i am just now getting used to it. it feels pretty good to get weave checked by people who are CLOSE to you; first it was my mom, which was really shocking ("you're not wearing one of those wigs again, are you? let me see" -proceeds to scratch all up in my scalp looking for a net or tracks-); then tasha, who asked if it was all my hair; then crystal, who 5 minutes later did the same thing while i was brushing my hair into a bun; followed by my cousin, who just stood in the bathroom doorway for a good 5 minutes while my sister helped me flat iron it; then finally today, by a friend of mine when he came to visit me. mind you, this is the same guy who told me repeatedly back in february-ish that he loves my hair straight. (i will ignore the fact that he said it repeatedly, as if it were an attempt to tell me "you should always wear it like that".) i mean, i know i have become more of a hair anorexic over the past year, but...i feel as if they are jumping the gun. in any event, it is letting me know that what i am doing is working -- and simultaneously makes me want to go DC my hair. i have to figure out how to shake this paranoia that i picked up; going from cowashing every other day to suddenly washing it once a week makes me feel like it is going to dry up and break off, no matter how much coconut oil i am putting on it. i know that this straight hair won't last much longer between a) the humidity and b) my paranoia, so i'd better hurry up and go get this good ol' kanekalon so i can hide it for the rest of the summer.

next countdown: december 13th. let's see how close to BSL i can get by then. remember, shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday hair

i was really happy with the bounciness (is that a word? i'm the grammar nut and i'm asking) of my hair today...i set it on satin covered sponge rollers the other night and despite wrapping it last night the curls just won't go away! i bunned for half of the work day, but i wanted to feel like a diva so i let it down and tousled it. the headband just completed it for me. i foresee a skirt and kitten heels tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

obligatory 1 YEAR POST BC update

clearly i am not going to be able to do this like i had imagined, but pretty much everything about my hair goes differently than expected/hoped -- why should my "nappiversary" be any different?? my actual 1 year was this past saturday, but because a) i have a life that involves very clingy bffs and b) my old camera was broken a few months ago, and i haven't gotten a new one yet, i don't have the shots i want! i will get a length check pic in sometime this week; i rollerset my hair tonight in preparation, but i can't get my camera to the timer mode without being able to look at the screen, which is cracked! the good news is i'm almost back to apl, the even better news is i am getting sick of my hair so i'm about to braid it up, so barring any setbacks i will be full APL at the end of my 2 month HYH challenge.

i can't leave you without posting pics of SOME sort, so i took a few...well, the ones i could do without being able to use the screen for guidance. the curly pics are interesting, because my hair is definitely bigger when i look at the pics, but it's growing OUTWARD moreso than DOWNWARD. that was kinda expected, though.