Sunday, June 15, 2008

sweet as honey.

now that i can finally use all these funky curl-defining products in my stash (i did a WNG today! it was great!) i am looking for the miracle thing. i own noodle head, which is supposed to be really good, the gel route is quite interesting, and today i used my diluted GD and miss jessie's baby buttercreme. it worked nicely, but i need something for those days where i am low on my stash and wanna get by on something else. i also want definition - i felt a little fuzzy towards my crown by late afternoon. this is where honey comes in - i have heard from quite a few people, like ladylibra and pokahontas, that it is a great curl definer, and the reviews just keep building as i search. here is the latest recipe i have come across, courtesy of an LHCF thread on WNGs:
"...a honey rinse will make the curls POP! 1T honey in a cup of water after cowash. Do not rinse out."
so why not try it? what a great question! i will report back with my findings in a few days. i am searching for more concoctions as well...wish me luck!

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