Sunday, June 22, 2008

buy nothing challenge: recap

as many of you may know i talk about a lot of products because i am in the buy nothing for june challenge on LHCF and i technically can't buy any of them, including the coconut oil and avocado that i want so bad. i began by rationalizing these things, like saying "if mom buys it it's ok" or "everyone in the house is gonna end up using it..." but even that got old. now it's just plain "a week won't kill me", and it's a great feeling. sure, i still spent money on other things (VS semi-annual sale, anyone?) but compared to the list of hair stuff i bought in may this month was smooth sailing.

i did mess up the day i went to bath and body works and i bought some warm vanilla sugar conditioner, but i took it back. yay me. i had that nagging feeling like "my bf will love to smell my hair" but the realization that i can just get it on july 2nd made returning it a lot easier. then i realized...i don't need it. VO5 smells good too and more than likely my first purchase will be hair for my kinky twists and i don't think he would want to smell those. the man is a fan of LONG hair, and even the news that i BC'd threw him for a loop. if he saw it he might cry. now i'm not one of those girls who really cares (sorry babe) but being that i see him bimonthly anyway, by the time i see him again AFTER next week i will be back to APL and he can touch my hair till kingdom come. warm vanilla sugar will be great for when it starts to get cold outside. hehe. back on topic. this challenge has been great for the PJ in me. forcing myself to tell myself (yeah i know) that i can't buy something is so much easier than saying i shouldn't buy it. sure there have been some posts on LHCF where rite aid and big lots have some sort of outrageous deal on hair care products but i was able to shun them. well, read them, cry, then shun them. i am almost out of VO5, as in i am seriously forced to ration the S&C as a leave-in, and i don't even want to buy that. i'm lazy now as far as buying stuff which is grrreat. all i'm getting is some kinky twist hair (shoulda got it before this challenge so i didnt have to wait a month but whatever), some more VO5, and maaaybe some coconut oil. my miss jessie's baby buttercreme is almost gone and i hate the price but if i cant find anything that good (not even raw shea butter is that good IMO) i will be repurchasing it. and that's it. seriously.

ETA: obviously i lied. i forgot i am almost out of lustrasilk, and i want a conditioning cap so i can leave this dag-on hood dryer in the closet till october. its too hot for this, but i love the way my hair feels after a DC with heat!

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