Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dude, where's my regimen?

right before my BC i cowashed...but i didn't repeat again till monday morning cause i was so busy playing in my curls. i love the coils in the back of my head. the bad news is i am almost out of strawberries and creme in only enough for one more CW. (gasp) i have that kiwi crap and the vanilla mint tea, and i love the smell of it but its got nothin on strawberries and creme. i will repeat in the morning, cause as much as i used to hate wet hair it is FABULOUS in the summertime.

my new thing is experimenting with curl definition, so this is what i came up with so far:
FRIDAY - cw/spray on diluted GD/seal with miss jessie's baby, major shrinkage. i had a crimpy/curly fro by saturday. i rocked it too, cause i'm cool like that. haha!
MONDAY - cw/leave in VO5/seal with raw shea butter/run garnier fructis curl scrunch gel through hair. i had hard curls but they were springy...and very little shrinkage!!! unfortunately it wasn't full like i like it.
TUESDAY - i ran baby buttercreme through my hair only; no water or anything. i then finger fluffed it. FINALLY! my hair is soft and still springy and it took four days from the BC to get here. i now know what i can do, at least if i can't find anything better.

tomorrow i will try the noodle head...i used it on my mom's twists in an attempt to duplicate the "twists 101" tutorial on since i dont have any curly pudding and it DID make the twists hard. maybe it does hold hard...i will find out in the morning. (side note: i hope her twistout is ok...the braidout i did on her was wonderful except her ends are really thin.) oh well, if it does give me helmet head i can just loosen it up with baby buttercreme (i hope). man i'm gonna run out of this stuff....i love it so.

*necessary re-ups for july: miss jessie's baby buttercreme, VO5 strawberries and creme. that's it.


Mei-Li said...

You know that has been my biggest issue. Ever since I was convinced that my hair was healthy trying to find a product that brought a curl pattern, any curl pattern in my hair the way it does when I dc seemed impossible. Reading your posts help. Thanks!

Mojo said...

you keep reading...i keep experimenting! thanks to you too! <3