Tuesday, June 10, 2008

getting those edges

i would like to preface my rave by stating that i have a serious case of halo head. i mean, i dont know what it is, but there always seems to be an ethereal glow around me, and it's only because of my hair. LOL! i have tried many things to get rid of it, cause there is nothing i hate more than smooth silky hair with a frizzy hairline. i do a lot of fotki stalking and last night i came across a really great tutorial by Chicoro on how to lay those edges down. many people use gel, including me, but when i do it my hair usually feels hard or crunchy. using this one (i don't know if it's because of the layers of product or what), i am happy to say that today i am no helmet head! i'll post pics later. in the meantime, check out her tutorial here.

btw, she has a great head of hair. kind of a "duh" statement, but anyone who has tutorials to show how they GET that great head of hair gets an extra vote from me.

EDIT: here's how my edges came out.


STAR said...

Thanks for the tips and link! I'm transitioning. Another thing I recently fell in love with is the TIGI Bedhead wax stick. It works wonders for edges and mine are the roughest. I always have problems with gel and this gave me all day hold.

Mojo said...

this sounds really good! where can you find it?

QuEen_dEe said...

they have it at the walmart salon, thats where I got mine