Friday, July 11, 2008

why did i buy this?

on a whim (cause thats the way i like it) i went to trader joe's looking for a garlic supplement (megatek shedding prevention), glycerin, and aloe vera juice. i came out with a bottle of nourish spa conditioner and nothing else. read reviews of it here. something else i have heard great things about, but the problem here is I HAVE A HEAD FULL OF KINKY TWISTS. i don't even know the next time i will cowash. i may take it back cause it's not doing anything but taking up space on my shelf; its not like it cost a lot so i will sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

after i saw that gallon of AV juice at tj's, i decided to give the vitamin shoppe a try...i just cant commit to a gallon of anything i have not tried. the smaller size was less than 4 bucks there...sweet. while looking for glycerin i came across indian healing clay, which was about 7 bucks. it is supposed to make for a really good deep cleansing facial mask so i said what the hey. maybe i will try it tonight. i also contemplated getting jojoba oil but it was cheaper at tj's...and plus i will save that chapter of the skin experimenting for AFTER the medication from the derm is gone. never found the glycerin - the manager looked at me like "huh?" when i asked where it was, even though it is on the website clear as day. oh well, i will keep looking. either that or wait till monday when i can go up to charlottesville to whole foods.

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