Sunday, July 6, 2008

love it or hate it: VS so sexy balancing conditioner

i love testing out new products and this is one that has been on my list for a while. i have been talking about all the great things i got at the VS semi-annual sale...and on the beauty side of the store this is one product i wanted but did not buy. must be a sign, cause a week later i found someone on LHCF selling the travel size bottle for half price. this made it the perfect time to try it...and i am glad i did.

i opened the package and was hit by a cloud of perfume. ick, right? one thing about my VO5 and suave that i love is that the smell is subtle...i catch a whiff of my hair when i fluff it, or when i shake it, but not all the time. i was put off by that and thought that maybe this wasn't something i would wanna try, but i did it anyway. i must admit, VS made the bottles really cute, and this is something i can sit in my shower or even on my dresser and people cant even tell what it is till they read the bottle. so cool! after this analysis, i pushed my thoughts about the smell to the back of my mind and hopped in the shower.

i used this conditioner following my first ever overnight DC; i used kenra mc, honey, shea butter, and EVOO and left it in about 12 hours while i lollygagged on LHCF, went to bed, woke up and took my brother to work, and came back home to some yoga. my hair felt pretty good, but there is something in this mix that is not working, cause i get a better experience with just plain kenra mc. it felt like my hair was drier than usual under the showerhead, and it was tangled. i was using my shower comb and took out more hair than normal. gotta figure that one out...but after i rinsed it all out i used the VS conditioner. it has a very thick consistency, almost like a deep conditioner, but i will not be using it for that anytime soon. i worked kinda hard to get out a quarter sized dollop and ran it through my soaking wet hair before detangling with the shower comb. again, the smell was kinda overpowering, but once it was in my hair it went away some. in other words, i wasn't choking. they didnt lie when they put something about "a burst of ultra-feminine fragrance" on the back of the bottle.

after my shower, i squeezed out the excess water as usual (although there seemed to be less water in my hair) and looked in the mirror. my hair looked really fluffy, which isn't a bad thing. i also decided to plop my hair with a t-shirt, and my drying time went WAY down. my hair was dry about an hour later....oh i took the t-shirt off my hair about 20 minutes after i put it on, btw. instead of leaving it down today i used my nylon ponytail holder to smoosh my hair into a pony puff. i love the way it looks so full, and i cant wait for my ponytails to look like this. -sniff- there goes the smell again...i am sitting under the ceiling fan as i type and every few seconds i smell my hair. thank goodness i have gotten used to it by now. it's not a bad smell, it's just that i am used to fruity smells more than this perfume-y type deal. i will continue to use the bottle...but it's not something i will stock up on. this will be my night-on-the-town conditioner more than anything.

so....verdict is in. i like it. too much fragrance and not enough moisture.

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justme said...

i like the moisturizing one