Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it's here!

wait wait wait...before i write anything i wanna say thanks to everyone who left comments lately. i logged in and was like YAY...people care...lol! when i am surrounded by people who look at me like i am speaking another language ("what the hell is cowashing?!") it's nice to get product recs, likes/dislikes, and suggestions from all of you. i got a long way to go before i reach my hair goals so of course i'm gonna have a lot of questions along the way!!!

ok, back on track. i finished my sister's kinky twists tonight...i'll take pics in a minute for the fotki...but more importantly my megatek came today! my brother woke me up asking me if i had been expecting a package and i knew exactly what it was...it was in a box letting the world know it had pet supplies in it, so i'm so glad he wasn't nosy as usual. i ripped it open and BAM! i tell you, the bottle was bigger than i expected, but that is definitely a good thing. i went and bought that applicator bottle - i got the $1.69 one cause it has a cap on it - and added 4oz of MT and about 20 drops of africa's best oil to it. it's on all three of our heads now, and now the anticipation has begun. i hope i don't have any crazy dreams about waist length hair or anything now, cause i can't wait till my twists are sitting on a mountain of new growth. i'm crossing my fingers on this one!

so maybe you've noticed i can't enter a store and buy just one thing...so in sally's i ran across ion swimmer's shampoo on sale for $3.99, which i plan on using not only for my sister the fish but also for me as a chelating poo. all this stuff i'm getting and i can't even use it till like next month...grr. but at least i have it. i also got the small bottle of porosity control for my mom, cause i have got to get this shedding and breakage under control. i'm pretty sure she's not retaining length, so what good will all that growth do if she loses it cause her hair is weak? i just put some flat twists in her hair last night after washing it, and she's still not up on washing her hair more than once a week, so it looks like it will have to wait for next weekend. i hope it works; littlegoldlamb has a great review of it in her fotki (btw, if you are on the fence about buying something, check out her album - i swear she has reviewed every hair product out there, even the ones that were not intended to be used for hair) so i feel pretty good about buying it. besides, it was less than 2 bucks. no big loss if it doesn't work.

i have to speak out on my skin now - i had a really bad peeling episode yesterday on the road going to virginia tech. we left at 9am and i woke up early to do my skin routine - wash with basis sensitive skin bar, dry and use a clindamycin pad, dry and use johnson's baby lotion to moisturize, followed by maybelline mineral power concealer, bareminerals mineral veil, and maybelline MP bronzer - and i looked pretty good, but for some reason by the time we got to VT my skin was JACKED. i happened to glance in the mirror and the whole right side of my face was peeling, and i had nothing i could put on it! i toyed with the idea of putting my hand across it or something, but i need to keep my hands off my face so that didn't work. i covered it with my hair as best i could, and got home that evening so embarrassed. i had messaged a few ladies on LHCF about a good moisturizer since retin-a is hell on your skin, and i got a few recommendations, such as cerave and cetaphil, but i wanted something with SPF in it since that seems to be my problem in the first place. aveeno was too much (sorry but i can't see spending $15 on a moisturizer that i may not be using in a few weeks), so i got the eucerin moisturizer with SPF 30 for $10. not much of a difference, i know, but it is formulated for sensitive skin and has SPF so i went for it. when i put it on today it didn't burn like my other moisturizer with SPF, so i took that as a sign and applied my makeup - however, i skipped the maybelline and used bareminerals foundation in medium tan as a concealer followed by the mineral veil. lighter coverage, so this one area on the right side of my mouth looked kinda gross, but my face didn't burn. that is the worst feeling ever. NO PEELING! i would recommend the JBL to anyone with sensitive skin that doesn't peel, but for me it was a no-go. i am still looking for stuff catered to sensitive skin (acne.org has some good reviews), but my situation is weird: it's oily and shiny, yet dry and sensitive? and i have never had body acne, so it's just from my chin up?! i don't get it. i go back to the derm on the 22nd, so maybe he can shine some light on what the hell is going on. in the meantime i'm going over to target to get some origins vitamin e oil, which i heard is great for nighttime moisture. whether or not i'm using the cleay mask tomorrow night is up in the air, cause i'm kinda annoyed with my skin right now, and i feel like being like a mom who doesn't give candy to her kids when they act up. is that weird? LOL!

ending on a positive note - HIP is BOGO at walgreens this week! i kinda regretted not getting more at the rite aid sale so this is perfect. i still limited myself, but i got two eyeshadow duos: showy and flamboyant. now i shall bombard youtube and the LHCF makeup/skin care forum looking for tutorials on these two, cause they are HOT!

oh wait, here are a few tutorials:
thanks google.

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