Friday, July 11, 2008

FINALLY finished.

ick, halfway through (4 hours in) with the kinky twists and i decided that i did in fact want to cut the hair in half cause it was too long. i had to take them all out. i also realized i should have put my hair in two-strand twists before i did them (i do this to my sister's hair but was impatient) but luckily she was there to do them for me while i redid the aforementioned half head of twists. i also took frequent breaks...rolled all the finished twists with blue perm rods THEN took them out so i could i did so many things wrong, but at least they are DONE and my hair looks pretty good. i did a few too loose and a few too tight but it is easier for me to search and correct now that there aren't duckbill clips all over my head. whoo hoo! here are a few pics...sorry about the mirror, didn't realize it was like that till after i uploaded the pics. oh, there will be more in my fotki on the 13th (my one month BC anniversary!)


justme said...

i wish i could do stuff like that to my hair

Mojo said...

i learned from youtube tutorials, fotki pics, and the braids by breslin DVD. like i said, i cant cornrow to save my

Niko's Cousin said...