Friday, July 4, 2008

he no likey.

EDIT: the pj list is forthcoming. had to take it down for a little bit but it's coming back.

i've really enjoyed people's reactions to my BC, from the complimentary (my cousin, who is and will always be pro-"perm") to the crazy (a guy friend of mine said i look jamaican???) and everything in between. the usual reaction is "oh you cut off all your hair" which i dont mind...then of course i stretch a curl to show them it's not all gone. the one reaction i was really waiting for was that of my SO, being that he was the first person i called after i did it. i haven't seen him since the day before memorial day, when my hair was straightened to an inch shorter than APL, just the way he liked it. yesterday when he came back to town for the weekend, i showed up with my staple do, freshly cowashed and airdried to perfection, and i really liked it. his mom was the first to see it, and she had the normal reaction - "oh you cut your hair!" -touch touch- so i stretched it, yadda yadda, and she asked me if i had a straw set. when i told her that my hair was naturally curly, i got the response that i have always asked myself but have never heard from anyone but my mom: "why were you getting relaxers in the first place?"

then it was his turn. i saw that smile on his face and i thought that maybe it was his way of saying he didn't like it without hurting my feelings, just like he tried to do when i dyed it blonde and cut it into a bob. well i was right...i knew he was a fan of long hair but i didn't know that translated to long straight hair. luckily it takes a lot to hurt my feelings and i told him to get used to it. (assuring him that i can straighten it easily didn't help either.) not quite the reaction i expected but at least he didn't beg me to get a weave or something. i still think it will grow on him...especially when i show up tomorrow for the 4th of july cookout in my purple strapless sundress with a flower in my hair.

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