Monday, July 7, 2008

jumping on a new bandwagon.


yes it is a horse dont look at me like that...but yes it is cleared for human use and YES IT WORKS!

i was browsing the 2nd half of the OCT/MegaTek challenge last night on LHCF; i was led there by some wayward post about OT (Ovation Cell Therapy) being the truth. it's about 80 pages long but the info in there is damn good. what's more is i'm convinced - it is possible for me to get to APL by december, and with MT maybe even by my bday, so i gotta get crackin! upon comparing OCT and MT, i discovered that MT is wayyy cheaper (20 dollars compared to 60), so it is perfect for my college sized pockets, and very easy to use - all i need is an applicator bottle. if i get it - no when i get it, i will cut it with oil to make it last longer and to get extra moisture and let the growing begin. it is so bad that i was thinking about it all night, and woke up ready to cowash so i could begin megasaggin' (not saggin like sag your jeans, but saggin like massagin) till i realized....uhm, loser, you don't have any. i am still contemplating whether or not this is something i should run past mom since she has more money than me, but she will probably say 1) wtf do you want a horse product for and 2) we have that stuff from the dominican salons. this is true but i know of no one else using it (i need PROOF) and megatek is cheaper. we paid 35 bucks for that stuff. i think it would be mean of me to get the megatek and use it while making her use the dominican stuff. while i make this decision, i am going back over to look at before and after pics scattered throughout the thread(s) and look up pricing/shipping info.

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