Saturday, July 5, 2008

thanks for the compliment?

i knew i could change my bf's mind about my hair...despite the fact that his idiotic brother-in-law asked me if i fell in the pool...oh, not to mention we watched "meet the browns" and i had to sit through that dumbass part where vera talks about the little girl's dreads. ("you know how to spell dreads? n-a-p-p-y...." ugh. i know she wont talkin with those stupid wigs. but i digress.) i said i would get him to change his mind, and i did. a strapless dress changes everything. i threw a nylon elastic around it and made it into a large pony puff, and when i walked towards him he told me i look like "a younger, light-skinned, skinnier jill scott. i like that on you, baby." so basically i look nothing like her. thanks, babe.

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