Sunday, July 13, 2008

sunday the 13th.

well it's been a month since the BC...and my fotki is now open to all inquiring minds. click here to see my updates.

i finally made that new moisturizer i have been dying to try. instead of rolling with the vegetable glycerin, every store i went to hooked me up with the dumb salesperson so i went to walmart and got the glycerin over in pharmacy. less than 3 bucks means i am hoping it will work. i mixed that with an equal amount of AV juice in a small spray bottle so i could test it out, and i really like it. my hair actually feels moisturized under this dry-ass synthetic hair. yay!!! in addition i was meaning to buy some infusium 23, but i never made it to rite aid this week where it was on sale for 4.99 (and apparently there was a $3 coupon in the paper?!) and it was damn near 8 bucks at walmart, so i said screw it. we have a bottle lying around the house of the original stuff, you know the kind in the white bottle, so maybe i'll risk it and use that after i shampoo my hair later this week. i'm still getting over the excitement of the fact that i did these things myself. me? the chick who can't cornrow?! YES I DID, and my sister is due for a new set of twists monday. i will use the leftover pack of hair to do hers, and try not to buy any more. keyword is TRY - the washing/base removal process was tedious. (ok, not really.)

now what i am thinking for the MT is that i will just spray my scalp/roots/whatever with this stuff, then apply the MT straight. i want the maximum results and i am kinda scared that if i cut it i will miss out on some growth. well i have three heads to try it on, so we will see. now i just gotta get that applicator bottle...i am going up to virginia tech tomorrow so i will try to get it monday.
ooh, update on that mini-haul from walgreens: i hate that smart shade so i am gonna try to take it back. it went on gray and made me feel like my skin was ashy, but when i swiped it off with my baby wipe it was the same color as my other foundations. cool...but something about it struck me as a "hate it". i think i am just gradually becoming turned off to liquid foundation. i am crossing my fingers that as this acne medication works deeper i lose the love for any types of foundation or concealers. there is something so refreshing about just throwing on some mascara and lipgloss, but i ain't there yet. till then...guess it will continue to be mineral power concealer for the blemishes + bareminerals mineral veil for the shine, with the occasional sweep of bronzer for color.

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