Thursday, July 31, 2008

megatek deserves a grammy.

and an emmy, and the nobel prize, and everything else. i did two-week measurements, which were perfect cause after the 27th my head felt so gross from the looseness of my twists. i took them out, gently detangled, and took a few pics, the majority of which are now in my fotki. after the takedown i was afraid of matting but none occurred. YAY! i prepooed/DC'd for a few hours with kenra mc and EVOO, and when i attempted to add an egg it just effed up the whole thing so i had to redo the mixture. after that i washed with CON and used more kenra as a leave-in, then airdried under the fan. it felt SO GOOD, and my hair was very soft. i truly believe in hairapy, cause i was in a very good mood for the rest of the evening. i got my cousin to put cornrows in the next day, and boy are they tight as hell...hope my edges survive this. i am trying to keep them in another two weeks so i can do another length check right before the 13th. here is a pic of my current length off to the left...i am still hovering at right past SL but my hair is thicker, so i guess i should be full SL by the end of august/beginning of september if i can keep this up. is APL by october still realistic? probably not...but i sure am having fun trying to make it. i mean...look at my bangs!!!

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