Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BOGO suave!

if you have been reading my blog (wait, let me stop and say T-H-A-N-K-S to you) then you know that i am cheating on VO5 strawberries and creme with suave tropical coconut. it is a steamy affair but i looooove this stuff. it's so thick and i still can't get over the fact that it contains biotin AND SAA! i went to walgreens today to refill a prescription and while perusing the salespaper i saw that *suave products are buy one get one half off!* i was even more shocked to see that they are the family size bottles with 33% more free! what a great deal...i limited myself and got only two, and it worked like this:
  • they are normally $1.79 or 2 for $3, with the second ringing up $1.21
  • this gives you a 60 cent discount on bottle #2
  • so 1.79+0.61=2.40 for two 30oz bottles of conditioner....SWEET!
i will search the other stores for suave humectant tomorrow so i can do another love it or hate it. a cheaper and just as effective version of nexxus humectress always scores brownie points with me.

ooh, i also picked up some makeup: almay is BOGOF, so i got the smart shade foundation in medium/300 (hope it looks ok on me!) and the line smoothing concealer (i went from oily skin to dry skin due to the retin-a micro and clindamycin). i may trade the concealer for another one since i think it is more for under-eye spots than blemishes; maybe the blush. they also had HIP on clearance (all the stores do but i never find any) so i got the brilliant shine lip gloss in adoring. i was afraid the color would be too dark but i put on some vaseline (this medicine gives me the worst crackheadish looking lips) and the gloss and i was fine. mini hauls like this always brighten my day.

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Mei-Li said...

I just purchased the suave humectant and I love the smell. I still think aveda makes my hair softer but I will use the suave anyway and find a really good DC so that I can keep using it! Girl I say go for it!