Monday, July 21, 2008


for motivational purposes, i believe that everyone with a goal in mind of what they want to look like - be it a dream body, dream hair, whatever - has to have a picture of this goal that s/he can look at on a regular basis. just like dr. wendi had us make those "hello my name is dr. ____" name tags during my first year of college, visualization is key.

well with that in is an inspirational pic i ran across while reading nappydelphia this morning. who cares if its not my skin tone...and who cares if she is a model so its her job to look flawless...i think this makeup look and the sleekness of her hair are pure perfection. i think i read on maneandchic that this is jordan richardson, who shock of all shocks is natural, and i really don't mind that i am seeing her everywhere. she's got a great look...and interestingly enough kinda reminds me of my half-sister nicole. i think it's her lips. or her eyes. -shrug-

the dream body pictures are coming later. i got some things i have to work out first...namely getting back into the yoga groove. i have been preoccupied lately, but it's only on hiatus...i got enough episodes tivo'd to last me at least until the semester starts back up.

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