Wednesday, July 23, 2008

she did what?

i am really struggling with this not-being-able-to-DC thing...i have a cast on my leg so rinsing in the shower is out, and it takes a lot of effort to stand at the kitchen sink. -sigh- i know i need to though...all this MT in my hair is driving me crazy thinking about it. i went from washing everyday to TRYING to get it in once a week...argh!!!

while i try to figure out something...i DC'd my mom's hair the other night with kenra mc and EVOO, then she decided to BC on me then that afternoon...

next was my sister. i got her to mix up some DC for her twists. i literally said to her "lets see if you can mix up a good DC" and 10 minutes later she was back with the creamiest looking concoction of kenra mc, honey, and EVOO that i have ever seen. i mean, i do these mixes a lot, but while mine look lumpy hers looked exactly like vanilla pudding. i was shocked and i told her so!!! i applied it to her hair (mainly the first 1/3 of her twists of course) and then she watched MTV with a plastic cap on till about midnight (3 hrs)...and all i could do is look at her and smile. i love LHCF not only for what it has done for me but obviously what it has done for her as well. i wish i was doing that at 18, much less 13!

i'm thinking i will henna with her when i get to sounds so interesting and justkiya from nappydelphia makes it sound so easy. here is a link to the recipe that she posted in the OCT thread on LHCF...i have no idea how expensive henna is but i recently found out that the shikaikai shampoo bars all the ayurvedic nuts rave about is like a i am hoping henna is around the same price. now i have one more thing to look forward to - COLOR!

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