Thursday, July 24, 2008

love it, need it, can't live without it

i love to talk about makeup...yeah, even though my makeup game is NOWHERE near where it should be - but even though i am a minimalist there are a few things i cant live without. ever since i started wearing concealer, powder, mascara and gloss everyday i just feel so much better...catching myself without mascara is just really weird sometimes.CONCEALER/FOUNDATION (sometimes) - bareminerals SPF 15 foundation in medium tan. i love this stuff - it really does what it claims to do, gives me the amount of coverage i need and looks totally natural. ok, so i probably need to switch to one of the medium shades cause the tan is darker than i thought it would be, but i can't bear to part with them. frankly, they cost too much. LOL! i'm just kidding, next time i get out of the house i will stop by ulta and play around with some shade swatches.

POWDER/VEIL - bareminerals mineral veil. love it as well; i can tell a difference when i wear it and when i don't, cause it makes me look like my complexion is more even than it really is. also keeps the shine at bay...cause this retin-a makes me reflect some serious light.

MASCARA - diorshow blackout. i have so many tubes of drugstore mascara that i used to love, until i realized the only reason i liked them was because i liked the price. i bought lash exact by cover girl and liked the definition, despite the lack of volume, so when volume exact came out i started to buy it but changed my mind. figured it would lack something as well. i have a friend who swears by great lash but instead i picked up maybelline xxl and it was ok...but it was kinda flaky or feathery or something i really cant put my finger on. i saw a few magazines and ads talking about diorshow blackout, so when i went to times square back in march i figured there was nothing to do but stop by sephora and try it. did it, loved it. the sales chick said it was good for making it look like you are wearing falsies and i agree. now i have a set of falsies and don't even want to apply them when i get the urges to put em on, cause its so much easier to swipe on some mascara. yes it is $25; no i don't regret buying it. seeing that double pack of great lash at wal-mart the other day for $4 made me swoon, but i realized it would probably be a waste. not swaying on this one.
LIPGLOSS - victoria's secret beauty rush (assorted); HIP gloss in adored. (no need to post pics cause there are a lot.) i switch up glosses a lot but these are my current faves. they are shiny, although i think the VS ones are a bit sticky. still looking but these are ok. i sooo want a mac lipglass, or at least a nice bubblegum pink shade of something quality.
uh....yeah thats pretty much it. i like the mineral makeups because they feel so LIGHT, but maybe i will dabble in liquid once i get MAC money. i know summer isn't the time for it though so i dont really worry. being easy breezy is + a WNG makes my life complete.

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