Thursday, August 6, 2009

quit faking the funk

about 2 weeks ago now, i took the box braids out of my sister's hair and decided to forego the extensions for a while. frankly, i did it out of sheer laziness -- i didn't feel like buying, then washing, then detangling and sectioning all that kanekalon at the time -- but i also did it to see how long her two-strand twists hang without the aid of BSS hair. she got quite a few compliments, mostly from my mom (who then coerced me into twisting her hair) but also from my brother, who was absolutely sure that wasn't all her hair. i just hope he doesn't expect me to start twisting his hair too!
prep: wash, DC with aussie moist, detangle with shower comb.

halfway done...

and here is the finished product.

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