Sunday, August 30, 2009

longer and stronger

i have been slacking on the protein treatments lately, mainly because i forget a lot, but also because my emergencee and aphogee 2 min are in storage after our house fire and i refuse to buy more when i already have some. today i was on twitter and a friend of mine said she was doing a mayo/egg/EVOO treatment...and i had a serious "duh" moment! even though i just DC'd on friday, i knew i had to do one, so i mixed it up (it looked strangely conditioner-like) and slathered it on for about 30 mins. i knew it worked well when i rinsed it out and my curls felt kind of hard, so i smiled and counteracted the hardness with a gvp cb/raw honey mask with heat (provided by the 30 day shred). my hair is now happily sitting on some flexirods after being flat ironed. i will keep it like this for the next 2 weeks or so...that is, unless my exercise regimen has different plans.

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