Sunday, July 12, 2009

tread softly...

i need to be really careful with this scrub/mask combo, because it sure is addictive. here it is sunday night and i am doing it again. another reason i am addicted? i put the lemon juice and sugar in my hands to apply it, and my hands are so soft! i'm also addicted to what this honey is doing to my skin, because i definitely woke up saturday morning and put a honey mask on while i walked around and made breakfast. i promise i won't do this again until thursday night!

i have been doing a little research on chemical peels over the past few days as well. many of the people i heard from did lactic acid peels, but it seems as if to get the results i want (no more acne scars) i need to look into glycolic acid peels or even TCA peels. i'll definitely read up some more and ask tons and tons of questions before buying anything. i'd be mortified if i messed up my face trying to get rid of some scars.

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