Tuesday, August 11, 2009

good things come in threes...

1) the zipfizz i intended to get was originally $6. i thought $3 was fantastic so i picked up 2 boxes (3 orange soda flavored tubes, 3 pink lemonade). i got to the register and it was $1.50 per box!! i should have gone back for more.
2) i got a scale...and weighed myself...i am 130.8 lbs. lighter than the chick at the doctor's office told me (on their scale i was 135), but i still want to get back to 123, what i was a few months ago, or ideally 118.
3) i'm about to start my twists!! yay!!

1 comment:

klb said...

hey can you post pics of the twists? what kind of hair do you use to do it?