Saturday, August 15, 2009

saving grace

now that my skin is on track (again), all i have to worry about are the dark marks. i usually use foundation for that, but i really hate getting all sweaty and having to worry about streaks in my foundation (or whatever other paranoid ideas i may get), so on most days i skip the foundation and simply wear MAC mineralize skinfinish in medium dark. i didn't quite get what the hype was on makeupalley and LHCF before i purchased it, but i kept hearing that it makes you look airbrushed. i figured it wouldn't do that much for me, but boyyy was i wrong. i can put this on with my 187 and have enough coverage to not feel bare-faced, but not so much that people can tell i have anything on. also, unlike my beloved satinfinish foundation, i can sleep in this (i still don't recommend that!) and not wake up with blemishes. i definitely have to keep this on hand at all times!

(pic from naturallysophia).

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