Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my senegalese twists

as of today, i have had my senegalese twists two weeks. that is somewhat of a record for me, as around this time i get the itch to take them out. however, this weekend i redid a few of them (made them smaller) and that cured the itch...at least for the next week or two.

  • extremely inexpensive hairstyle (i used 1.5 packs of 100% kanekalon braiding hair, $1.99 per pack)
  • lasts as long as you want
  • only took 4 hours to install (i part my hair into 4 sections, then grabbed and twisted the back two sections...took a break...and finished the rest)
  • easy on my edges
  • easy to keep your real hair (and scalp) moisturized
  • can start looking fuzzy pretty quickly
  • didn't make them long enough (i cut the hair in half, so they are only 1-2" longer than my real hair; next time i may not do that)
  • heavy when wet (i cowashed them last week and had to wear them up till they were mostly dry)
i think i will redo my hair in 2 weeks...i will use the same hair, but change my twists into braids since they seem to fuzz less.

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