Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BFC day 3

for some reason i woke up in a bad mood this morning...bills, finding a job and taking the MCAT is weighing heavy on my mind, so i tweeted a few friends and raised my spirits then went downstairs to make breakfast. i am a big breakfast person (when i am not in a rush) so the fact that all of my favorite breakfast foods are BFC approved makes it really great. i made a pseudo-sandwich with scrambled eggs, a slice of cheddar and a slice of turkey (all 0/0) on my honey wheat bread. all of a sudden, i got a really bad sweet tooth, i guess because i couldn't have jelly on my sammich. i got the brilliant idea to cut an apple in half and share it with my mom; that cured my sweet tooth and also cut the sugar in the apple from 13g to 6g. i am still at 10g and haven't eaten lunch or dinner yet, but reading through the original BFC thread on LHCF gave me more ideas for 0 sugar meals. this shrimp stir fry i plan on making seems promising, and with one of the chicken wraps (1g) i should be more than able to get through the night.

another note about the zipfizz -- the orange soda flavor kinda sucks. however, it is very good at giving me that energy boost that i need halfway through the day. i will give it another shot since i have 2 more in the box, but i prefer the pink lemonade one. for $1.50, i won't complain. i might go back to CVS to get the rest of the pink lemonade ones before someone lurking on LHCF beats me to them.

the main challenge will probably be the weekend for me -- that is, if i don't go to nags head with my roomies this weekend. my friend always makes dinner for me and my girlfriends, and he provides the pregame drinks too, and i can't regulate what is in his food. lucky for me, shots are 0/0, so at least i can control that!

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