Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BFC day 2

it pains me to say this, but yesterday absolutely SUCKED. i mean, it was going alright after i stopped panicking over what i was going to have for breakfast and realized eggs, cheese and bacon all count as 0/0. i made a great omelette, had it on toast (the no jelly thing is tough) and had 2 glasses of water. i felt really good about myself...until i went out with my mom. she took my brother, sister and i to sonic for happy hour slushes, and i went into meltdown mode. when i looked up the nutrition facts on my phone and saw that NONE of the slushes were under 70g of sugar, i screamed! i got one anyway, not wanting to suffer since a) everyone else was getting one and b) she does not believe in turning on the AC in the car and it was 96 degrees. i felt SOOO bad, but decided to make lemonade out of those lemons. if it hadn't been for the slush, i did pretty well, with an S/C of 26/7 and 34g fiber. i don't even think the 26 was so bad since 13 of it was an apple i just had to have.

i also managed to get in a workout -- walked/ran to the park near my house and did a half lap around the track before coming back. it's not your ordinary track -- that thing is HUGE. matter of fact, i just looked it up and it's 2 miles around. i think today i will walk over and try to run as much of it as i can.

day 2 is going well...i have to go buy some zipfizz (which i found 50% off at cvs), frozen veggies, and more chicken breasts. i scored big yesterday at wal-mart when i got these carb balance wraps -- 1/2 and 21g fiber! if i have one of those with chicken and cheese (both 0/0) for the next 6 days, lunch will be a breeze.

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