Friday, September 4, 2009

got to give it up

you see how long the straight hair thing lasted. i washed my hair sunday and after that killer workout today (i move on to 30 day shred level 2 TOMORROW), my hair smelled like pure FUNK when i took down my french braids! my reassessment led me to DC and install 5 flat twists for a twistout that i will try to keep until sunday. that is, if partying doesn't screw that up too.

i am in a rut with my hair right now where for some reason i keep thinking negatively about it. i really hope it is PMS or something, but i just keep thinking it's really thin, really short, really dry, and all that. of course the people around me have nothing bad to say, but my pessimistic ass can't figure out if that's because they are length-obsessed or because it's really just ALL in my head. i can't really say i'm at a point where i want to cut it, but i sure wish i could stop thinking about how BAD my hair looks. maybe i just need to put it away again.

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