Sunday, June 19, 2011

three years solid!: my june length check

as some of you may know, i recently celebrated my third natural anniversary on june 13th. (yay!!) i was hesitant to do a length check since straightening with all the humidity this time of year would be pretty pointless, but curiosity got the best of me last week when i was prepping my hair for a wash and go. i had noticed in the days following that ponytail picture i posted recently that my hair was, in fact, past my shoulders when secured in a DRY low pony. this made me wonder....i mean, this didn't happen when i was BSL...could it be that i had gotten to MBL by my goal date??
turns out.....i was right! i do believe that this is the first time in all three years that i have reached a goal on time....what a great feeling though. even though i did this to get rid of the curiosity that was plaguing me, i didn't accomplish THAT goal. funny thing is, it made me want to straighten it all out even more. welp, the countdown to cooler weather begins....

it would be awesome if i could make it to waist length before the year is out. i usually set goals for the latter half of the year around my birthday in october, but i'm gonna need some wiggle room on this one. i am pretty sure i will need a 1-2" trim...not to mention that will give me time to find my almost nonexistent waist *smile*.

thanks for looking, guys!

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