Monday, June 6, 2011

the ever-growing ponytail + sealing

i have some super exciting news that i can't WAIT to share.....but i also have an awesome pic of my ponytail that i too last night after cowashing!

sigh.....if it only looked like this post-shrinkage...maybe one day. =)

i cowashed with tj nourish spa, used a t-shirt to soak up most of the water, added more tj nourish spa back into my damp hair, sealed with sweet almond oil and let it hang! sealing is something i struggle to be consistent with, as my long-time followers know....but i've been better with it for the past few weeks after a conversation with elle (@curlyheadedpj on twitter). we were discussing humidity, leave-ins and sealing and how the NC weather affects all of these things when i decided that maayyybbeee i'd better give it a try to keep in the moisture on these hot, hot days. since then, i've found that a quarter-sized amount of sweet almond oil is enough for my ends.

as i've also stated before, i think there's a noticeable difference between my hair when it's sealed vs. when it's not sealed...for instance, the pic from last night's blog entry shows my hair in an unsealed state (is that a word? it's fluffier, less defined and seems to feel dry faster without it. softer? yes...but i'd trade the teeny bit of softness i lose for the other benefits any day!


V.Lynn said...

to minimize shrinkage you should try kinky curly custard it elongates your curls

NaturalHairMojo said...

You know, I tried KCCC a few months back....not too crazy about it, unfortunately. I can use aloe vera gel and get the same effect, and it's a lot cheaper and less drying. Who knows, I may try it again, though!