Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the score: giovanni smooth as silk shampoo

i could have never predicted yesterday when i wrote that post on giovanni SAS that i would run across the deal i found today at my local whole foods! i made a pit stop after work to pick up some macaroni elbows and a bag of apples ( and i saw a small display of giovanni styling products near one of the registers. instead of looking through the various gels, pomades and creams as was the intention of the rack, i made a beeline for the health and beauty section, realizing that a sale on styling products probably meant a sale on the shampoos and conditioners, too. boy, was i right....everything from the tea tree line to the 50:50 products and my beloved SAS are on sale this week for $5.59 a bottle. what's more is many bottles have a $1 off manufacturer's coupon attached to them, making them only $4.59, a great buy since they are usually $7-8. while it is still more economical to get the liter bottle, i documented my troubles with that already, not to mention the smaller size lets me pick the ones i want to try WHEN i want to try them. today's pick was the SAS shampoo. although i haven't tried it yet, it sounds promising...

*on the scale from clarifying to moisturizing, the bottle claims that this product is the most moisturizing of their line.
*it contains no sulfates, an additive that I KNOW dries out my hair and skin.
*this shampoo is certified vegan and it's good for me and the environment.
*it contains vegetable protein, which the label claims "cleanses gently," "alleviates frizz," and even "increases shine."

well, we'll see if it's all that is claims to be. if not, my search for that elusive perfect shampoo will continue!

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