Friday, June 10, 2011

sephora haul + diorshow maximizer lash plumping serum pre-view

i've been trying to get to my local sephora for a few weeks now, but i'm usually so exhausted after work that i don't feel like driving out of the way to walk around the mall. last weekend i ran out of mufe hd foundation and my hand was kind of forced, so on monday i dragged my boyfriend out to southpoint so i could play in makeup.

i've been dying to pick up a lash primer since my friend mina made a blog post last month on long, dramatic, way-out-there-but-still-natural-looking lashes. it featured a youtube tutorial by the fab @shannontboodram of those girls are wild, and the pics alone were enough to convince me that this was something i needed in my life. after scooping up the mufe foundation (#153 for me), i made a beeline to the smashbox lash primer. although i already knew i wanted it, i tried it on just for kicks (making sure to test it out with BE flawless definition, since that's my go-to mascara these days) before heading directly to the register. right before i made it to the line, i was distracted by a group of women getting these outrageously glam false lashes applied...then BOOM -- i was sidetracked by a salesgirl named nicolette. i generally try to avoid the sales associates because they are incredibly adept at separating me from my money and selling me something i really don't need (that, or maybe i'm just gullible), but nicolette, a pretty brunette michelle trachtenberg look-alike, made enough small talk to make me WANT to try her recommendation. after asking me why i chose that specific primer, she began talking up a discovery she made a few months ago. the next thing i knew, i had swapped out the smashbox lash primer for diorshow maximizer, a primer that is more of a serum and lash enhancer....and also $12 more.

back when i started this blog, i was a diorshow mascara freak, and although the formulas are pretty great (especially iconic), the pretty packaging is probably what kept me loyal to the brand for about three years. i switched about a year ago when i stopped being such a mascara brand whore (haha) and discovered bare escentuals flawless definition, a formula that gives me a little volume and lots of length without being too flashy or dramatic. in conjunction with the diorshow maximizer, though, i have these incredibly fluttery, thick, long lashes with just enough curl to them that i can skip the eyelash curler. seriously....they would probably brush up against the lenses of my glasses if they weren't curled! according to dior, this primer also "promotes long-term lash growth, strength, and vitality," something i didn't even know a primer could do. if what they claim is true, it'll be way more than the packaging that keeps me repurchasing this.

full review on the maximizer, complete with before and after pictures, coming soon!

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