Thursday, June 23, 2011

a bit of randomness: double buns

i tried out a variety of styles last week for my natural anniversary, some kinda hot and some.....well, at least it was different, right? i normally pull my bangs back with a bobby pin or wear a high bun to prevent them from sticking out (fyu: the bangs i cut in january are past my nose and headed for my chin!), but last week i took to wearing them in a large two-strand twist or pushed to the side. how funny that a small change like that could cause a bit of a stir at work, since the lab is the LAST place people usually experiment with different hair and makeup looks!

on wednesday, i decided to go a little old-school and rock some fun pigtails. at the last minute, i folded them into buns and headed out the door. i definitely got some strange looks, but i also got lots of compliments. definitely a look i'll repeat in the future!

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