Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lazy me

the last time i straightened my hair (about a week and a half ago), i rushed through it, blowdrying before i flat ironed. i must admit i hated how my hair came out; it was straight, but didn't seem moisturized at all, especially since it was only the week before that when i had a great rollerset and flat iron combo. i've been lazy since then though, and haven't really touched my hair except to put some coconut oil on it every other day. i got caught in a rainstorm today and although my hair didn't really get wet, i decided that i might as well blow it out of proportion and take care of my hair tonight.

i'm following the plan from april 13th:
  • DC with aphogee 2 min, grapeseed oil, GVP conditioning balm, and raw honey (added this step)
  • ACV rinse
  • cowash with aussie moist
  • add giovanni direct and gvp leave-ins
  • rollerset...probably not flat iron since i don't have my solia (afraid of the andis)
i'm also gonna do this lemon and sugar scrub, which i got from a post by pokahontas on LHCF. it looks good.

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