Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just like honey

true product junkies know that there is an art to determining if your hair likes a product or not: hardness, sheen, and bounce are just a few of the factors that can let you know if something is a stable or just plain garbage. i have come to be very picky with my DCs, since adding or subtracting a single product from my moisture mix can have drastic consequences on how my hair feels...and if i'm gonna sit under the dryer all that time, i want it to be for a good reason!

in the past i have gotten good results with a combo of light protein (aphogee 2 min), oil (grapeseed) and a good moisturizing DC (gvp conditioning balm) before straightening my hair. i bought a bottle of raw honey from the grocery store the other day, as opposed to regular honey, and decided to put in a squirt of that too, since it normally takes me for-ev-er to get through a bottle of honey. well...i don't know what it is about raw honey that my hair loves, but as soon as i stepped in the shower to rinse it out and put my hands in my hair, i almost fainted! my hair felt soooo soft, which is always a great sign to me that my DC mix has done its job. i absolutely dread touching my hair when it is wet and noticing that it still feels bone dry, no matter how much water i run through it. my hair felt so great that i didn't even have to cowash after i rinsed it -- i just ACV rinsed, plopped and applied my leave-ins. needless to say, i found a new staple DC mix.

i'm currently sitting under the dryer, where i will probably be for quite some time being that i ran my denman under the sink to smooth out my hair before i rollerset it (my spray bottle is being a little wonky, so i had to improvise). another thing...i ran out of rollers this time and had to throw in some grey and turquoise ones. it's nice to see that the grey ones finally fit since i used to envy girls who could use the big grey ones, but i still get paranoid that they are too big and will fall out. i guess i should up my goal to being able to use them all over...and then raise it to being able to use the big black soda can looking ones. one day soon, right?

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